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Syllabus Birla Institute of Technology

An important part of preparation for BITSAT 2019 includes awareness of BITSAT Syllabus 2019. Candidates must make sure that they have a thorough understand of the Syllabus for BITSAT 2019. This will help them schedule their study routine efficiently. Candidates who will be applying for BITSAT 2019 for B Tech Courses will have to prepare Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics/Biology, and English. This article will provide essential imformation about the topics that needs to read and prepared for the BITSAT 2019.


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BITSAT Syllabus 2019 for Chemistry





● States of Matter

● Atomic Structure

● Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
● Thermodynamics
● Physical and Chemical Equilibria
● Electrochemistry
● Chemical Kinetics
● Surface Chemistry
● Hydrogen and s-Block Elements
● p-, d-, and f-Block Elements

● Principles of Organic Chemistry and Hydrocarbons

● Stereochemistry

● Organic Compounds with functional groups containing Oxygen and Nitrogen
● Biological, Chemical, and Environmental Chemistry
● Theoretical Principles of Experimental Chemistry

BITSAT Syllabus 2019 For Physics





● Units and Measurement
● Kinematics

● Newton’s Laws of Motion

● Impulse and Momentum

● Work and Energy

● Rotational Motion

● Gravitation

● Mechanisms of Solids and Fluids

● Oscillations

● Waves
● Heat and Thermodynamics

● Electrostatics
● Current Electricity

● Magnetic Effect of Current

● Electromagnetic Induction

● Optics
● Modern Physics
● Electronic Devices

BITSAT 2019 Syllabus for Mathematics





● Algebra

● Trigonometry

● Two Dimensional Coordinate Geometry

● Three Dimensional Coordinate Geometry

● Differential Calculus

● Integral Calculus

● Ordinary Differential Equations

● Probability

● Vectors

● Statistics

● Linear Programming

● Mathematical Modelling

BITSAT Syllabus2019 for Biology




● Diversity in Living World
● Cell – The unit of Life; Structure and Function

● Genetics and Evolution

● Structure and Function – Plants

● Structure and Function – Animals
● Reproduction, Growth, and Movement in Plants

● Reproduction and Development in Humans

● Ecology and Environment

● Biology and Human Welfare

● Biotechnology and its Application

BITSAT Syllabus 2019 for English





● Grammar
● Vocabulary
● Reading Comprehension

● Composition

Logical Reasoning

● Verbal Reasoning
● Non-Verbal Reasoning

BITSAT 2019 Recommended Books


Recommended Books


● NCERT Physics 11th Class
● NCERT Physics 12th Class
● Concepts of Physics by H C Verma Vol-1 & Vol-2
● Understanding Physics for Electricity & Magnetism by D C Pandey
● Understanding Physics for JEE Main and Advanced Optics and Modern Physics by D C Pandey
● Understanding Physics for JEE Main and Advanced Waves and Thermodynamics by D C Pandey
● Concepts of Modern Physics by Arthur, Shobhit Mahajan,
● Problems in General Physics by I E Irodov
● Physics by Resnik Halliday
● New Pattern Physics book by D C Pandey


● NCERT Chemistry Class 11th
● NCERT Chemistry Class 12th
● Arihant Problem Collection Objective for JEE Main
● New Pattern Textbook of Physical Chemistry
● Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by R C Mukherjee
● Numerical Chemistry by P Bahadur
● Organic Chemistry by R T Morrison
● Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee


● NCERT 11th Class
● NCERT 12th Class
● R D Sharma for Class 11th& 12th
● Coordinate Geometry by S K Goyal
● Differential Calculus for IIT JEE
● Integral Calculus by Amit Aggarwal
● Vectors and 3D Geometry by Arihant Publications


● NCERT 11th Class
● NCERT 12th Class
● Arihant Exploring Biology
● Raven
● Trueman’s Objective Biology
● Trueman’s Elementary Biology


● English Grammar – Wren and Martin

BITSAT 2019 Syllabus and BITSAT 2019 Recommended Books can be referred from here. For further detailed information, students can read the whole article from our website.

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