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CBSE Board Improvement Exams

What to do when fate doesn’t agree with the physical efforts an individual invests in something important in his life. One such instance is poor results in an examination against mountain of a hard work capitalized. Many students expressed their displeasure when they found out that their CBSE Board Results were not up to that expected mark. CBSE weren’t apathetic to those hullabaloos over lesser grades. CBSE has introduced this facility of letting students re-appear for the CBSE Board and improve their grades and percentages. This facility of Improvement Examination will be a boon for lots of students. This article will explicate all that is there to know about CBSE Improvement Examination.


Details of the CBSE improvement exam form


The improvement exams of CBSE can only be taken in the following years of the year in which the students pass the main exam in one or more subjects, according to the grades obtained in the main exam. Normally, the Board conducts the Improvement Examinations in March along with the Main Exam next year for all candidates who apply for the exam in question. The results of the improvement exam are announced in the month of May.

Some important points to take note of the CBSE improvement exam application forms:


1. Applicants to apply for the Improvement Examination must have approved the subject in question in the minimum qualifications. Failed applicants can not apply for the CBSE Improvement Exams.

2. Candidates will receive the results only for those subjects in which they reappeared in the Improvement Exam.

3. All applicants will be required to submit the Rs200 application fee by subject to appear on the CBSE Improvement Exams.

4. Candidates may use their application forms for the improvement exam at any of the regional offices of the Central Board of Secondary Education / Union Branches, as designated for this purpose.

5. The cost of each form submitted for the Improvement Exam is Rs10 for all applicants who submit the application in the exam in question.


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How does the CBSE improvement exam system work?

The Central Board of Secondary Education is directed by the Government of India, Ministry of Education. They perform regular public exams every year. In these CBSE exams, 12th grade students have the opportunity to reappear for exams in the subjects in which they have obtained edge or approval marks and wish to improve it. Taking advantage of this formidable opportunity, Kapoor Study Circle helps students to enroll in CBSE Improvement as a private candidate and to write the Improvement Exam for high grades.
When the CBSE High School Certificate is issued to students when it is approved, only the improved grades now earned will be recorded on the Report Card. Therefore, the Report Card gets more value at the time of more studies or looking for employment opportunities.



The CBSE improvement exam has its pros and cons. One has to make the decision to give this test after weighing both sides of the coin.


If a student obtains improved grades in all the subjects they have completed to improve, there is no need to combine two grade sheets.
It helps (rather gives a candidate a golden opportunity) that the candidates improve their result, in case they have not obtained a good score on the regular board exam.

If a student does not obtain a good grade in the improvement exam, he / she must present the two score sheets where necessary / required.
The CBSE improvement exam score sheet has only the subjects in which the student has appeared to improve, not the previous subjects.
The score sheet for the improvement exam is different from the result of the regular board exam. "APPEARS TO IMPROVE" is mentioned on the score sheet of the CBSE improvement exam.

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